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My name is John McKeever - I'm a freelancer with 20 years of experience in web design. I'm here to help you with every aspect of your website. From creating it, to optimizing it for search engines.

Your business needs a professional online presence, I can help you achieve this. My services include website design, ecommerce store setup, search engine optimization and website maintenance. Use my automatic estimator to get a quick free estimate or contact me with your requirements.

Website Design

Website Design

Creating your website's layout and colour scheme.

I can create a professional and attractive custom design for your website. I'll either base it on the design preferences you give me or create a suitable design for you. I take great care when designing websites, ensuring their pages are clearly laid out and well presented. If you prefer, I'll use a 3rd party template or graphic designer to create your website. If you need help with writing the text or finding images I'll give you my suggestions. If required, I can edit your website's images to enhance their colours, or even remove backgrounds and unwanted objects. Already have a website? I can transform your existing website with a full or partial redesign. I can also redesign your website's layout to be responsive, which means it will automatically adjust itself to work well on any size of screen.

  • Custom design or 3rd party website template.
  • Responsive layouts work on any screen.
  • Edit your pages with Wordpress.
Web Development

Web Development

Programming your website's pages and functionality.

A certain amount of web development is often required in a website project. But maybe you've had a great idea for functionality that will keep your visitors coming back for more. The sky is the limit, there's nothing to stop you from turning your great idea into reality. Let me know your requirements and I will develop your website or suggest a 3rd party solution. I have years of experience with the most common website scripting technologies; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Many websites require a database to function, and I am experienced with two popular website database systems MySQL and MS SQL Server. This range of experience allows me to create a website on virtually any hosting platform. Linux based hosting solutions are very popular, and so PHP and MySQL are core skills.

  • Custom script or 3rd party pre-made script.
  • MySQL or MSSQL database design.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.
Website Setup

Website Setup

Launching your website to customers worldwide.

Let me take care of setting up your website, and making sure visitors worldwide have a great experience. I'm here to help you with getting your domain name registered and website hosting set up. I can install WordPress, another CMS, or a custom website on your web hosting. I'll do testing afterwards and make sure everything is working correctly. I'm very keen to have a long term business relationship with my clients. I'm here to help you with anything related to your website. I want to support you to develop your website and make it the best it can be. That's why I also provide an SEO service to move your website up search results, and a maintenance service to keep your website running smoothly. This involves updating pages when required, adding new pages or features, and fixing issues.

  • Help with domain name registration and hosting
  • WordPress or other website installation.
  • Ongoing help and support.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to help move your website up search results to the coveted page one, and keep it there! I provide an initial SEO service to lay the groundwork, and then ongoing SEO as required.

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Ecommerce Store Setup

I'll help you get your domain name and web hosting, and will install your ecommerce store software. Optionally I can also add your store's products, or just the first few. When finished, I'll provide instructions for you to manage your store.

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Website Maintenance

A stale or broken website could be losing you visitors. Keep your site fresh with my website maintenance service. This is an ongoing process of updating pages when required, adding new pages or features, fixing issues that arise.

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A selection of web design projects that I've completed for a wide range of client. I can design a custom website to your specification for any business type, or use a 3rd party.

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About Me

I've been employed in the field of web design for 20 years. That much experience makes a big difference. I don't just dive in and start a project. I research, I plan, and I complete.

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